Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Because of the location of the offending tattoo, eyebrow tattoo removal is very difficult to do. However, there is good news. A tattoo located in this area can be treated using the modern laser treatment which has been very effective in removing body tattoos. But, there is also some bad news. As the tissue in that area is quite sensitive, there is no guarantee that each and every case can be treated. A tattoo in that location will require to go through a comprehensive evaluation process that you are required to pay for in advance even if the treatment is found to be not suitable later.

This evaluation is critical in determining whether or not treatment can go ahead. If it cannot, the money for the consultation will not be refunded. If it can, the expense is often redeemable against the first of a course of treatments which will be necessary to remove the tattoo. All laser treatments involves a degree of pain, but the eyebrow area is especially sensitive. It is a good idea to have some form of anesthetic for these treatments, to prevent irritation and rubbing which could make the condition worse.

You can expect to have to endure a period of time when your skin will be exceptionally sore, discolored, and irritating. This will happen between each treatment, and there is nothing which can be done to prevent it. It is a natural and inevitable consequence of the laser being used on sensitive skin. The clinic will give you ointments to help you cope with this discomfort, and this is all that can be done. At least you will know that each treatment puts you closer to the day when the tattoo will be gone.

The treatment is carried out using what are known as Q-Switched lasers, and these are the state of the art technology which is making relatively easy tattoo removal possible. There are even different sub-types of laser within this category, which are used for different skin types and different colored tattoo inks. The more machines a clinic has the better, as you want the very best match for your own unique problem. The initial evaluation will include a detailed examination of the inks which have been used in the creation of the tattoo.

There is no doubt that eyebrow tattoo removal presents problems which are not present with tattoos on other parts of the body. This can often mean that laser treatment cannot be used. If you are in this position, there are still things you can try. There are cream based solutions which have positive testimonials, including some which need to be applied by a professional as they go deep into the skin. Failing this, the only option is to obscure the tattoo with makeup, and that is easily possible with an eyebrow tattoo. Most cases, thankfully, will respond to eyebrow tattoo removal.


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